Each of our products offers high Japanese quality

Each of our products offers high Japanese quality for maximum work efficiency and reliability. Made in Japan, our products have undergone continuous evolution and derivation, and have expanded over the past 50 years from being used mainly in the apparel industry to now being used in a range of industries.



We developed our technology for everyone, everywhere

The value of Bano'k products in the apparel secondary materials and industrial material industries is growing precisely because of the advanced level of our planning and development capabilities.
As we continue to create world-first products, awareness of these products eventually spreads throughout the world.
The foundation for developing our unique hand tools is formed from the ideas and technologies we have accumulated over the last 50 years.



Think Globally, Act Locally.
We continue to work closely with our customers and users as we evolve as a company.

With product value growing increasingly polarized throughout the markets of the world, we are now entering an age of uncertainty.
We see this as akin to navigating rough waters at night.

The corporate logo of Toska-Bano'k, responsible for developing the Bano'k brand, depicts a stylized "T/B" to represent the two companies that merged to form the present company : Toska Co., Ltd. and Japan Bano'k Co., Ltd.
The logo represents Toska-Bano'k as a vessel smoothly navigating the ocean with sail outstretched in the wind.

In times of remarkable change, vision, goals, policy, and strategy serve as indicators for thought, decision, and action.
They also serve as the "compass" for this ship.
The compass installed on the ship we are steering always points us in the direction we need to go toward our customers and users.



Aiming to be the top product development
company in our niche-worldwide

for Apparel for Medical for Security for Food for Space
The creation from A Core Products

We continue to expand our technologies outside the apparel industry, with a focus on our core Bano'k products.
Although some of our business focuses on Japan, we continue to develop products to meet demand in niche industries all over the world.

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