Corporate Profile

English name Toska-Bano’k Co., Ltd.
Location ※ We would like to inform you that as of October 10, 2017,
    our office will move to the following location:

[Head Office]Tohshin Kanda TH Building 7F
14 Kanda Higashimatsushita-Cho, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo 101-0042
Phone: +81-3-6821-7993 (Rep.) Fax: +81-3-6821-7997(Rep.)
Date established September 1, 1976
* Established as Toska-Bano’k since March 1, 2013
Capital 20 million yen
Description of business Development, manufacture and sale of synthetic resin-related products
Products sold <Apparel and Industrial Products>
• Tag Pin Series
•Tag pin attaching machine “Bano’k503 Series”
•Automatic tag pin attaching machine “AIR GUN HEAD”
•LOX Series
•ITO LOX Series
•ITO LOX attaching machine “FasBano’k101”


<Fishery and Security Products>
•BM-Pin Containing IC Chip (authenticity judgment security product)


<Products for Medical Fields>
•Pathology specimen management system
•Super engineering plastic PEEK material pin and PEEK material pin attaching machine “Bano’k503 MZ”


<Labor-Saving Equipment for Various OEM Companies as well as
Planning and Sales of Precision Plastic Products >





Affiliated company

Mech Mold  [Manufacturing company of Toska-Bano’k products]
32-3 Chikumazawa, Miyoshi-cho
Iruma-Gun, Saitama 354-0043
TEL +81-49-259-6660 / FAX +81-49-259-6621
Van Nang Banok  [Vietnam local sales company]
2F, 1/15 and 1/17 Tran Binh Trong Street, Ward 5, Binh
Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam
TEL +84-2835-157-095 / FAX +84-2835-501-452