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Article 1 Copyrighted works, etc.

The copyrighted works, photos, text, images, software and other information on this site (referred to as “the Content” hereafter) are all subject to our copyrights or other intellectual property rights and are protected by copyright laws and relevant treaties and laws, etc. of various countries.

In addition, the Content of this site may not be used (including entire or partial copying, transmission, transfer or secondary use) without our written approval, regardless of the purpose of use.

With respect to the Content of this site, we do not grant any license to use copyrights, patent rights, trademark rights or any other rights of Toska-Bano’k or third parties.

Furthermore, the Content of this site does not provide a guarantee of any kind.

Article 2 Personal information management

We will manage the personal information that we keep with strict control and in accordance with our separately prescribed personal information protection policy. For details, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Article 3 Prohibited matters

When using this site, the following actions are prohibited.

  • (1) Actions that cause damage to Toska-Bano’k or third parties, or actions that risk causing such damage
  • (2) Actions that violate our property, reputation or privacy, and the like of or those of third parties, or actions that risk such violation
  • (3) Actions that violate public order and good morals, or actions that risk such violation
  • (4) Actions involving false declarations or notifications such as registering another person’s email address
  • (5) Actions involving the use or provision of harmful programs such as computer viruses
  • (6) Actions that involve unilaterally sending unsolicited email or mail magazines, and the like
  • (7) Other actions that violate laws and regulations, or actions that risk such violation
  • (8) Other actions that we judge to be inappropriate

Article 4 Disclaimer

We have carefully produced the Content of this site but we do not provide any guarantee regarding its accuracy, appropriateness or reliability or its appropriateness for the specific purposes of customers that use it. We will bear no liability at all for this information.

We shall bear no liability at all for any damage caused by the fact that a user uses the site or is unable to use the site, or any damage or possibility of damage that arises in relation to the recording of data, improper access, comments, or the sending of email by a third party.

Furthermore, the same shall apply to links within the site, and we shall bear no liability for any damage or the possibility of damage that arises at linked pages.

Article 5 Maintenance, suspension of use, and change of contents of the service

We shall be permitted to change or suspend the Content of the site, the conditions of use, and our products and services, and the like without giving prior notice thereof.

Article 6 Changes to Terms of Use

We may change the Terms of Use without giving prior notification. After a change to the Terms of Use, only the changed contents will be effective.

When the site is used after changes to the Terms of Use, it will be regarded that the user has agreed to the provisions of the changed Terms of Use.

Article 7 Compensation for damages

The user consents that we will claim compensation for damages against the user if the user violates these Terms of Use.

Article 8 Agreed court with jurisdiction

If the need for litigation arises between us and a user, the court with jurisdiction over the location of our head office shall have exclusive jurisdiction over such litigation.

Article 9 Governing law

The interpretation and application of these Terms of Use shall comply with the laws of Japan.

Established on March 12, 2014