• Bano’k503 Series
  • LOX Series
  • ITO LOX series
  • Bm Series(Bm-pin,Bm-band,Bm-clip)
  • Medical(503MZ)

Bano’k503 Serial

503S Standard Machine

For general tagging and fastening

503SL Long Needle Machine

For heavy and thick fabrics

503X Fine Needle Machine

For delicate fabrics

503XL Long Fine Needle Machine

For thick and delicate fabrics


Stable pin feeding action promises operator comfort. Allowing smooth continuous tagging of up to 100pins.

Slip-preventing rubber attached to sides of the gun avoids slipping and dropping of the gun from inclined surfaces.

The durability has been further improved by adopting a special copper that is corrosion-resistant.

Attachment of an optional sub-guide allows the disposal of unner bars tobe made in backward direrction, ratherthan in a downward direction as in an ordinary gun.
(For exclusive use with genuine Bano’k pins)

Exclusive spare needles for the Bano’k 503 series (needles are packed 3 per package)
Standard Needle (N-1) Long Needle (N-L)
■Standard Needle (N-1) ■Long Needle (N-L)
Fine Needle (N-X) Long Fine Needle (N-XL)
■Fine Needle (N-X) ■Long Fine Needle (N-XL)